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  • Fees / Fees / Fees

    Have been a customer of extra space for 2.5 years - Sapce Center Blvd. Houston TX. I pay late every month because the due date does not concide with my pay dates, pay $25.00 extra every month. My problem so no complaints. Tried to pay June payment on 25th had internet issue could not process payment, tried the next day to make payment. I now owed June and July plus extra fees. Could not pay, talked to facility manager, she can't do anything. Told me to call District Manager, Anthony Young and she would send him an email to call me. Email was not sent I have called District... More...
  • refusal of payment

    As a customer of extra space storage since 2010, I have had price hikes, refusal of partial payments ... Because store contact # 8152 refuses to take a partial payment I have to wait until the end of the month to make a payment receiving two late fees... This issue should be addressed I would love to move but don't have the money to do so... Is it legal for a company to refuse payment... Their every so often increase and the refusal to take partial payments makes it hard on a single mother like myself who works part-time and gets paid on the 15 and the 30 th of the month...I paid my... More...
  • Storage Unit

    I have a few issues before my unit was overdue ive had a few issues they unknowing to me, went up on my rent,second when removing some things their was rodent in bag from unit , third i feel this place is a scam they help people they want and if they feel you have something of value then they will not work with you with pmts. fourth i received no notice regarding my unit .. I came in on tues. and was told that my things r to be sold .. I will go to court if this is done..I do not recommend this place to no one i mean no one..Beware of the scams .. false advertisement also..Cockeysville... More...
  • Insurance

    I do not need insurance and I do not want insurance. I give an exoneration and indemnification to ExtraSpace Storage for any issue connected with loss insured by a renters insurance policy. Extra Space Storage has given no reason why insurance is imposed on its customers. I have a feeling the insurance company pays a kickback to Extra Space Storage for referred business. I strongly resent the imposition and intrusion. More...
  • Paying for nothing

    I have been a customer with Extra Space Storage for nearly two years. During this time, they have raised the rates on metwice without any type of prior notification. Because of this, the new rates did not match what i had budgeted for payment for the year, and I fell behind in payments. During this time, they placed a special red lock on my unit and i wasn't able to access my unit for several months, even after the payment dispute had been resolved. Several times, I requested that they remove the addditional lock, but eight months later, THIS LOCK IS STILL ON MY UNIT. For the past... More...
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  • No notification

    I would like to suggest that before you put a lock on a customer's unit, you do something as simple as calling that person! I had no idea my account was "past due"--I thought the payment autorenewed. When I came by Sunday to drop some things off, there was a lock on my storage unit and no one in the office. Since this was the day I had to move my things, it really fouled up my plans. Your employees have always been friendly and polite, but one phone call would really have helped. More...


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