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    This compliant is regarding unethical business practice of EXTRA SPACE STORAGE (1660 Oak Tree Rd, EDISON,NJ) by providing service at low rates at the beginning and then, arbitrarily raising rates at multiple intervals without proper guidelines. We signed the Contract in 2013 September for a monthly rate of $77, there after , the rate was increased to $86 dollars in Feb 2014, in Oct 2014 the rate was increased to $95 dollars, now once again, the rate is increased to $108.29. The rate is increased three times during 18 months Term. My increase in monthly payment went from $77 to $126... More...
    (Repair Services)
    nambiar's Picture   nambiar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extra Storage Space Latonia KY

    Prepaid online days before due date. Changed mind days before due date and headquarters said they "generally do not issue refunds" that I would have to talk to the district manager. Bin had mice and stinkbugs. Roof leaked during winter. Had rate increase. Said I was notified by US Postal. I do all my business online and there was no message/email notification of increase as other companies do. Besides, I have 2 homes and was not at the listed location during that mailing time. Manager said couldn't use dumpster for empty boxes because it's not for customers. Should... More...
    piedmontatl's Picture   piedmontatl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Employment

    Extra space is suppose to be a great place to work. I have tried for 7 months to get an interview and have applied for assistant manager, manager and district manager for fulltime. I have had over 15 applications applied and every time I never receive a call at all. I get either a cancelled, filled or closed status on my applications. I have over 10 years self storage management experience and over 20 years in customer service. I cannot seems to get any headway in obtaining an interview. Why is it so hard to get a career with Extra Space? Seems you do not want a qualified applicant that... More...
    Gregg64's Picture   Gregg64    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service

    Had 3 units rented at Extra Space storage for several years. Last Friday could not find key for one of my units so, had Extra Space storage employee cut lock of the unit so i could access it. Transferred the lock from one of my other units to the unit I had locked removed. Even though I was the contractual paid in full tenant for all three units the next day they rented out my unit to another tenant without notifying or contacting me. There only response was "It is company policy to rent out any unit that does not have a lock on it even though it is currently being rented by another... More...
    KellyKyle2009's Picture   KellyKyle2009    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extra Space Storage

    I am renting a storage unit and I was late on my payment by 5 days and a additional lock was put on my unit, I called the storage facility to notify them that I was planing on moving my stuff out on the upcoming weekend, So I paid my bill and on that sunday I went to the storage facility to move my things out . Only to find out that the lock was still on my unit so I called the 800 number to let them know that I was at the facility and that I was unable to get into my unbit. the person on the phone said to let them ckeck my account to see if it stated that i was moving out, which it did.... More...
    Dawnie001's Picture   Dawnie001    0 Comments   Comments

    When They took over my rent was $135. Was notified by post card it's now $150. Their web page states $136 walk up rate and $116 web rate. It is very clear THEY DO NOT CARE about their CURRENT CUSTOMERS and remember, once you sign up, you will be a current customer. The on site office does not answer the phone and their 800 system will transfer you to a random office anywhere in the country. The amount of intimidation they heave on the customer to pay early and not be late is not to be believed. Beware, go elsewhere, I will. NO HONOR, NO TRUST! More...
    Endler's Picture   Endler    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extra Space Storage is horrible!

    I do NOT recommend Extra Space Storage! Their prices grow like mushrooms and they don't care about customers at all! In two years the price for my storage almost doubled! And after 2 years when I had an issue with them (too long to write here), they could not resolve it locally, so I wrote a letter to the CEO of Extra Space Storage and nobody even bothered to reply to my mail! And their Customer Support refused to give me the CEO's address, I had to find it on the internet! That is how much they value their customers! I'm looking for a new storage, but there is no way I will... More...
    mawius's Picture   mawius    2 Comments   Comments
  • Unsafe Units with unsecured facility

    I moved my stuff into a unit that the door can be easily open when it is locked without breaking it. But I did not think that somebody would steal my stuff. While I was moving my furnitures out of the unit I noticed that my 40" LCD Tv was stolen. Since my door was not broken the insurance compony refused to pay for my TV. Also, since the facility did not have security comeras, I could not figure out how they get into my unit. In addition to all, even though I moved out on 7/16/2013 they charge my whole month. After they charge me whole month they rented my unit to someone else on... More...
  • Extra Space Storage Price Increase

    I rented a 5x5 space at the Extra Space Storage on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta. I was offered a great rate to move in! After just 4 months my rate was rasied by $10.00 a month. Crystal the Employee taking my call was so RUDE, she was to busy arguing and stating the "policies" to even listen to what I was saying. If all locations have the same customer service as this one go somewhere else! I am moving my items to public storage, same size unit for 25.00 less a month! More...
    pianoman77's Picture   pianoman77    1 Comments   Comments
  • DON'T DO IT!!!!

    Since I stored my belongings in the Culver City ESS they have raised my rates approx. every 2 months so I now pay $230 a month for my 10x10 unit. In addition, I just received this notice via email - this should be criminal: We are making some changes to your lease for storage unit #XXXX at our facility located at 5855 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90045 and want to make sure you were informed. These changes include the following: · Any disputes between you and Extra Space Storage, other than those excepted, will be decided via neutral binding arbitration, as more... More...
    Anom7825's Picture   Anom7825    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extra Space storage penalizes long term customers

    Extra Space penalizes people who pay & keep their belongings stored for more than 9-12 months. After having space #d50 @ the Rosamond, CA facility since March, 2012, the rate was increased without notification. Upon calling the office at that location, I was told by Kimberly, Asst. Mgr., that Extra Space regularly raises rates every 9-12 months. Considering the fact that is does not cost the company any more to operate, this comes across as a penalty for being a long time customer. As a result of what I consider to be an abhorrent business practice, today I have given notice and will... More...
    Marsha's Picture   Marsha    3 Comments   Comments
  • Steep Fines and Little Customer Service

    Was recently notified I was late on my monthly payment. Besides racking up the fines, Extra Space also slapped on an 85-dollar fine which the counter folks could not explain how it was used only to say 'standard industry fee'. I offered to pay a partial payment on Friday and the remaining on a Monday. Was told no partial payments accepted, all the while the fines kept mounting. Finally ended up paying 279.00 dollars on a unit that I normally pay 80 dollars on. Spoke to a MGR in Kansas City who explained the 85 dollar fee went to auction fees and advertising but 'Extra... More...
    DerikL's Picture   DerikL    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been using the Extra Space Storage Units in San Dimas, CA for the past couple years on and off. I just recently put my stuff back into storage and within the past month, I got a phone call saying my unit was broken into!! Not only was it my unit, TEN OTHER UNITS were also suffered by this. I can see if this was a freaky situation and some came into one unit, but TEN! That seems too planned.... and to top it off, Extra Space must have got the "5 month itch" because I got a letter a week after the break-in stating that they were RAISING my rent by $16/month. No help was given... More...
    shellbell06's Picture   shellbell06    1 Comments   Comments
  • Unequal opportunity

    At first extra storage was great and friendly. However after 2 instances of shortly exceding our time only a couple minutes, and 1 other when my car wouldnt start, even with security there they were going to make me leave my car there and make me and my wife find our own way home!!! Then have the odassity to repremand me by restricting my access to only 2 hrs a day and only up until 6 pm. I dont have a perfect track record for payments but im a struggelling honorably discharged vet that in my opinion was discriminated aginst. More...
  • They will raise your rates constantly!

    I had a storage unit here for nearly four years. In that period of time Extra Space purchased these units. My rate was increased by 61%. I have since terminated my contract there. What is really disturbing is, I posted a review outlining my experience to their website but it was never published. I also posted the same thing on their Facebook page. I asked them to explain why rates constantly go up. After being ignored for a month, they deleted all of my posts from their Facebook page and barred me from being able to post anymore. I guess they don't want potential suckers...I... More...
    gextra's Picture   gextra    1 Comments   Comments
  • Space rent increases

    Jan, 20 / 13: I've been a tenant at my currant storage yard for 6 years." Extra space storage " purchase and took over this location a year ago. Befor the took over, I never got more then a $10 a year increase. Since they took over, they've raise my 4 times for $61 total. And I'm now paying $47 more then what their charging new customers to move in. Since "Extra space" is so greedy and disrespectful to loyal, long term customers, I'm now looking for a new place. I recommend to anybody looking for a long term space to rent, DO NOT CHOSE " EXTRA... More...
    CWright's Picture   CWright    2 Comments   Comments
  • extra space storage

    This is place is horrible. They charge you $80.00 if you are late over 30 days for so called advertising when they did no advertising at all! They fee's go up every few months. I purchased a $67.00 unit because I am on a fixed income. When I got there it was an added $9.00 of insurance that I didn't even want. Then after a few months they increased fee's by another $9.00. I moved my stuff out and went back to public storage. I will never leave them again! More...
    lakesharay's Picture   lakesharay    2 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    Extra Space Storage, Kihei, Maui, HI%u2026..This place doesn't even deserve 1 star. Their people know nothing about customer service and tried to make me pay more money for their mistake. 1 month ago i stored two very expensive, custom made SUP's (stand up paddle boards). One of their employees moved me to a second unit because the first one she showed me wasn't the advertised 5x5...it was obviously smaller. So she took me to another unit and said i could have that one and she would take care of changing the unit number. She obviously didn't do that because a few days... More...
    surfkook's Picture   surfkook    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not "secure," poor customer service, unreasonable management

    I have had a 15'x15' space with Extra Space Storage for 7 years. On September 6, 2012, I discovered the locks were not my locks, and thus had to have one lock cut off to gain entry. I could not gain full entry because all of the springs were broken on the three doors to this unit, and I was told they could be replaced that day. But, more disturbingly, I saw a gaping hole on the wall of my side of the unit, that had been replaced on the adjacent side unit (and that unit had received a new door), and it looked like my space had been vandalized. Extra Space Storage could not replace... More...
    Zookeeper's Picture   Zookeeper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service and Mold

    Upon moving in I received the internet pricing for my unit. I wasn't sure that I needed such a large unit but was assured that I could always change to a smaller unit later and get the internet pricing. Tony explained that this isn't possible and whoever told me that gave me the wrong information. In the process of trying to downsize my belongings I was confronted by Tony for accessing my unit too often and for too long (1-3 days a week, 5 mins to 5 hrs). According to Tony it appeared that I was living in the unit. Take note, there are motion sensors in the hallway to keep the... More...
    chargersxt's Picture   chargersxt    2 Comments   Comments

    I went in to the Milton St location in Dedham, MA today where I've had a 10x10 storage unit since Nov 2011 and was giving it up 16 days before my lease was to end. When I inquired about a possible rebate for a half month's rent which was already paid, the clerk wasn't sure how to answer that, but the clerk's district manager happened to be at that location sitting right behind him and told me I could not get any refund, and about a half dozen times throughout my inquiry (I might add) he repeated the same phrase..."IT'S JUST OUR POLICY"...and he... More...
  • Excessive fee increases

    Extra Space Storage has great starter fees but increases its fees every nine months. My first increase was around 41%, next it was 18% followed in nine months by 15%. I am not sure when it would end so I cancelled my unit and moved out. The manager admitted that most people just accept the rate increases - moving out is a burden. I have other options so for me the cost could not be justified. I am sure their business model works well for them, but it seem a bit underhanded. My suggestion would be to use them for short term renal only. More...
    FunnyOldGuy's Picture   FunnyOldGuy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extra Space Santa Fe New Mexico

    I actually had the unfortunate opportunity to work for this MEGA-CORPORATION and it was the worst experience of my life. This company thinks NOTHING of their customers or their employees, only their profit margin and satisfying their investors. They raise rent rates every 6 months and if you don't like it you can take a hike!. Their logic and business policy is "if you don't rent from us, someone else will" and "if you move out, we'll get someone to take your place". If you are ever thinking about working for this company, or renting from them... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • Charged Full Month for a Half Month

    This business is simply unethical. I moved my things out mid month with the understanding that the month would be prorated. No one contacted me until I started a complaint. I had a feeling that this company is unethical so a few days after moving out, I videotaped my lock-out. It's bad enough that they wouldn't prorate but then locking me out immediately after I moved my things is probably illegal so I think they need a small claims judgement against them. If they are going to stick people with a month notice then the unit should be theirs for that month, but they have... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    santacruzmik's Picture   santacruzmik    0 Comments   Comments
  • False internet offers

    Extra Space Storage offered 1st month free on the internet site.Actually there is a very small print you can hardly see. The 1st month fee is nearly $25. Also they don mention that insurance coverage is mandatory. They quote $45/mo for my unit, and then when I went to get my unit there was an additional $9 added to the monthly bill. The place was clean and the office staff helpful. I just feel cheated by the misleading marketing and lack of proper clear information More...
  • Liars and Unprofessionals

    I was with Extra Space Storage since 2011 before I went to Afghanistan for deployment. At first they were good. When I came back on 2012, I was going to move all my items to our new apartment only to find out that almost all my belongings are molded. They said that I need to call the insurance, and which I did, but they are only going to cover $2000 since that is what I signed up for. I was upset about that but I completely understand that. Then I called again and told them that I want them to clean up my unit since it was not my fault that my goods got molded and they said that it is still... More...
    vher619's Picture   vher619    2 Comments   Comments
  • DON'T TRUST!!!

    I used this company for two months, when I went to move out of my CLIMATE CONTROLLED unit some of the boxes showed signs of water damage (which is covered by the insurance company). But the insurance company wouldn't pay. I talked to the the storage facility and they said that they couldn't do anything to help me. I talked to the staff on sight and discovered that the dehumidifier in my building was broken and had been for months. That other people have had their things get wet and in fact that the company only rents out "air" and that they are not making any promises... More...
    Linus1024's Picture   Linus1024    0 Comments   Comments
  • Exhorbatant Cleaning Fees!

    I recently terminated a contract with Extra Space Storage, as I was moving out of town. After I packed up the truck, I went to the office to inform the staff my unit was empty, but the office was empty and locked. After waiting for 30 minutes, I left. Now I am receiving calls from an attorney's office stating that I now owe over $200 in cleaning fees. C'mon now. My unit was the second smallest one they had, and the only thing that may have been left in there is one or two clothes hangers. This is like highway robbery. These fallacious fees should be illegal. I should have taken... More...
    hoodwinked's Picture   hoodwinked    0 Comments   Comments
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